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Nutzlos - Ultimate Useless Uselessness

Humor RPG

Play time: depends on play style, approx. 20-30 hours.


Control: Keyboard


Platform: PC, Windows.

Language: German




Recipes / Crafting



Music player

Friendship system

Alternative endings


Have you always wanted to be really useless? Having items that have no effect at all? Use abilities in combat that are so boring that even enemies fall asleep?


Welcome to the ultimate useless world of Useless! Here is the uselessness program.


We start in the useless world. Here lives Eric, our useless protagonist. Almost everything here is useless - waxy vegetables that you can't eat, weapons that are so blunt that you can't use them for anything, and so on. But for Eric, all this suddenly changes.


In another world - another dimension, so to speak - normal people live with normal problems. This is also where the spirits live. Since the beginning of time they have been responsible for ensuring that everything goes its usual way. But something does not work as it should. One day the spirits are sent into a deep sleep by an evil foe and can no longer fulfil their tasks. This causes some things to get out of control, normal problems become big problems, monsters overrun the world, and even time could stand still. One of the spirits seeks help - and in his desperation turns to Eric, who he pulls out of his usual, useless environment and teleports into the other world. 


Eric, as useless as he is, is looking for a way to get home. On his journey he meets new friends and learns about the problems of this other world. He decides to help - which turns out to be difficult when everything you do is always just useless...


Will Eric and his friends be able to stop the chaos? Who is the evil foe? Can Eric return home?


Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge?


Then be useless today!


Latest version: 1.1 (20.06.2018)

ca. 349 MB

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