Seegurkotchi - Sea Cucumber Pet Simulator

Pet Simulation

Control: Mouse

Platform: PC, Windows


Languages: German, English

Finally, here comes the ultimate pet simulator with a sea cucumber! For all those who have always wanted a sea cucumber as a pet!


Decide between 3 different, lovingly designed sea cucumbers. Every sea cucumber is unique and has different needs. Take care of your sea cucumber by feeding it, training it and keeping its fish tank clean.

How long do you manage to keep your sea cucumber alive?



- lovingly designed, hand pixeled sea cucumbers and backgrounds

- music specially adapted for this game

- three different types of sea cucumber to choose from. Each has its own needs

- Give your sea cucumber its own name!

- Adjusting the playing speed for impatient players

- "High score" indicator. How long does your sea cucumber live?

- automatic saving

- In-Game help


Addiction factor included!​


Latest version: 1.0 (02.07.2020)

ca. 80 MB


More features planned!

Graphical improvements

Own feeding animation

Sea cucumber bursts with overfeeding
More life in the aquarium

Adjustments of the HUD

Display of health

and more!


Water quality or water temperature
Mini games with the sea cucumber
Different types of food
and more!